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Alpha-GPC Benefits

Alpha-GPC Benefits

Alpha GPC Benefits

For those struggling with aging’s effects, alpha-GPC may provide some relief.

Alpha-GPC, a chemical derived from soy, has some incredible anti-aging properties. Some evidence suggests alpha-GPC increases age-defying growth hormone production. And, it’s most studied for its effect on Alzheimer’s, as its ability to increase acetylcholine may improve memory and learning.

Take a look at some of the promising benefits you may get from an alpha-GPC supplement.

Alpha GPC Benefits

Growth Hormone

Although research on Alpha-GPC’s effects on HGH is limited, the small pool of research is just beginning to show merit.

In one study, subjects were given either GH-release hormone alone, or GH-release hormone with alpha-GPC. Both young and elderly subjects had a greater growth hormone response to the GHRH/alpha-GPC combination.[1]

Growth hormone-enhancing supplement advertisements claim increasing growth hormone builds muscle mass and burns fat, as well as counters some of the effects of aging. These claims are often supported by research.

For example, in one study, growth hormone increased lean body mass and decreased fat mass. However, it also caused adverse effects, such as diabetes and glucose intolerance.[2] So, further studies are needed to determine a safe usage.

Additional Alpha-GPC Benefits

While a key benefit of alpha-GPC is the way it has been shown to enhance HGH production, there are several additional alpha-GPC benefits.

As an antioxidant, alpha-GPC has been shown to protect against cellular damage by fighting free radicals generally associated with the pollution, stress and other environmental factors we face every day.

Alpha-GPC has also been shown to work to reduce the signs of aging by increasing HGH production naturally while also improving mood, cognitive thinking and behavior. While many look at alpha-GPC as a bodybuilding supplement (which it is), it’s also a powerful antioxidant to help fight mental conditions.

Another key benefit linked to alpha-GPC is associated with treating Alzheimer’s disease.

Acetylcholine is a neurotransmitter critical to signaling between brain cells. In Alzheimer’s disease, acetylcholine levels decrease, leading to problems with memory and attention. Alpha-GPC is a precursor to acetylcholine and subsequently increases acetylcholine levels in the brain, potentially improving Alzheimer’s symptoms.[3]

In one double-blind trial, patients with Alzheimer’s dementia were treated with either alpha-GPC or placebo 3 times daily for 180 days. Scores improved in all tests for those with alpha-GPC, while the placebo group’s scores remained unchanged or worsened.[4]

Another study found alpha-GPC produced “a definite symptomatic improvement” and also found it was tolerable among patients.[5]

Using Alpha-GPC

Alpha-GPC certainly shows potential to reduce some of aging’s effects. Talk to a physician if you believe alpha-GPC could help you in your pursuit for better health.

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