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2018's 10 Best
Activated Charcoal Supplements

Every day, we consume foods and use products that contain chemicals, toxins, and pesticides. This process of continual consumption creates a buildup of toxins inside our bodies. These toxins can eventually make us sick. Toxicity symptoms include headaches, digestive issues, skin problems, hormonal imbalances, and fatigue.

Toxicity can be associated with many health conditions including, but not limited to:

  • Cancer
  • Parkinson’s disease
  • Alzheimer’s disease
  • Dementia
  • Arthritis
  • Autism
  • Attention deficit disorder
  • Depression
  • Heart disease
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • Food allergies
  • Crohn’s disease
  • Stomach Ulcers
  • Colitis

Detoxing can help to eliminate the symptoms of toxicity and can also help to reduce the risk of the aforementioned health conditions. Activated charcoal is a supplement with powerful detoxing capabilities. Thus, this supplement could play a role in improving your health.

Activated charcoal is made from materials such as coconut husk, willow peat, bamboo, wood, and coal. It is activated when processed at high temperatures. These temperatures alter the internal structure to produce charcoal that is more porous than the regular kind (think “spongy”). The porous charcoal molecules are also negatively charged. This means that they can attract the positively-charged molecules of chemicals and toxins.

Do not confuse activated charcoal with barbecue charcoal. Charcoal for your barbecue is un-activated and can be toxic if consumed. Let’s look at some of the numerous benefits of activated charcoal. Jump to Our 10 Best Pre-Workout Supplement List

The Benefits of Activated Charcoal


From the cosmetics we use to the food that we consume, chemicals are almost impossible to avoid. Detoxing is an effective way to cleanse the body and reset the gut. Green juice cleanses and elimination diets are popular detoxing methods that are often used by those wishing to improve their health.

Activated charcoal is an option to consider, as it can specifically target toxins and provide a more efficient detoxification system. Toxins can cause poor digestion and allergic reactions. This, in turn, can cause gas, bloating, diarrhea, and constipation, among other digestive issues.

Activated charcoal can bind to toxins in the gut and prevent them from being absorbed into the body. They are excreted through the digestive system instead. It is important to note that activated charcoal does not get absorbed into the bloodstream. Therefore, it can only bind to toxins that are in the digestive system.


Activated charcoal is commonly used by doctors to treat drug overdoses, as it can bind to both illicit drugs and prescription medications. In hospitals, conscious patients may be given activated charcoal powder mixed with water. If the patient is unconscious, the solution can be administered via feeding tubes.

Studies have shown that when an adequate dose is taken within five minutes of drug ingestion, activated charcoal can reduce the absorption of certain drugs by up to 74%.The positive detox effect of the charcoal reduces to around 50% when taken within 30 minutes of drug ingestion, and to 20% after three hours.


Alcohol contains toxins that can cause unpleasant symptoms. Activated charcoal can bind to these toxins and pull them through the digestive system. This could potentially minimize the effects of a hangover. Most alcoholic drinks are mixed with liquids that contain chemicals and artificial sweeteners. Activated charcoal can assist in the removal of these toxins.

Activated charcoal has also been shown to reduce blood alcohol levels when taken alongside the alcohol itself. Keep in mind that alcohol is dehydrating. So it is important to also ensure that you are replacing lost water and electrolytes for optimal results.


The kidneys help to remove waste and toxins from the body. As activated charcoal can absorb toxins and toxic substances, it could also play a role in improving kidney health.

Gastrointestinal damage and inflammation are common in those with chronic kidney disease. Improving the function of the kidneys could help to reduce these symptoms.

In 2014, a study was performed on rats with induced chronic kidney disease. The rats were fed a daily activated charcoal oral supplement at 4 grams per kilogram of body weight for a total of two weeks. The study revealed that activated charcoal could significantly reduce intestinal inflammation. It could also reduce damage associated with kidney disease.

The same year, a similar study was performed with rats with induced chronic renal failure. This study revealed that activated charcoal could also improve kidney function and reduce kidney inflammation.


Activated charcoal has been used since the early 1800s as a poison antidote. It will bind to most poisons, with the exception of iron, lithium, cyanide, and very strong acids or alkalis. It can also absorb and draw out poison from poison ivy, poison oak, and snake bites.


Activated charcoal is not only helpful when ingested as an oral supplement. It can also be used as a topical treatment. Activated charcoal can draw micro-particles of dirt and toxins to the surface of the skin. For this reason, it is used in face masks and face washes. It is also used to treat acne.

Activated charcoal is also an effective ingredient in some deodorants. It is used for its ability to absorb the toxins that cause smells. Activated charcoal can also help to soothe rashes and insect bites.


Activated charcoal can help to whiten teeth. It does this by adsorbing toxins that cause stains. It can also help restore the pH balance of the mouth. This can help to reduce bad breath and prevent cavities and gum disease.


Tap water and even bottled water can contain impurities. Activated charcoal can be useful in removing these impurities, which is why it is often used in water filtration systems. It is important to note, however, that activated charcoal is not effective in removing bacteria and viruses in these systems.


Activated charcoal is effective in reducing bad cholesterol and increasing good cholesterol. Its ability has been shown to be as effective as some prescription medications. In fact, one study showed that activated charcoal could reduce plasma total cholesterol by 25 percent. It also reduced LDL cholesterol by 41 percent in just four weeks. In the same study, good cholesterol (HDL) increased by 8 percent.

Activated Charcoal Side Effects

Food-grade activated charcoal is deemed safe for most individuals. However, it is not suitable for individuals with certain medical conditions. These conditions include chronic dehydration, intestinal bleeding, holes in the intestines, and slow digestion. Those that have had recent abdominal surgery should also not use activated charcoal.

The main concern regarding activated charcoal is that it will affect the absorption of medications. Activated charcoal could bind to medicines and encourage excretion, which is undesirable when it comes to medications. Activated charcoal could also interfere with the absorption of nutrients in food and supplements. To avoid this, take activated charcoal at least two hours before meals, supplements, and medications. You may also want to talk to your doctor before taking activated charcoal to reduce the risk of complications.

What to Look for when Buying Activated Charcoal Supplements

Activated charcoal is available in capsules or as a finely-ground powder. Not all activated charcoal supplements are of the same quality. One of the main purposes of activated charcoal is to reduce toxins. For this reason, it is important to buy a supplement that is free of artificial additives and preservatives. These ingredients could otherwise be counterproductive to the detoxing benefit of this supplement.

Activated charcoal supplements derived from coconut shells or identified fine wood grain species are best. Avoid products that have added artificial sweeteners, fillers, and binders. If you choose to take the powder form, use fruit juice to sweeten the bitter charcoal taste instead. Otherwise, pick up the capsules to avoid the nasty taste.

If you will be using activated charcoal as an oral supplement, it is essential to ensure that the supplement is of food-grade quality and safe for human consumption. Even if it’s for topical use only, it’s probably still worth buying a food-grade supplement, as it will likely be purer. It is also wise to look for supplements that are produced in an FDA-registered facility and produced in accordance with the Good Manufacturing Practices. This will ensure the quality and safety of the product.

Dosage for Activated Charcoal Supplements

Most supplements have dosage guidelines on the label. It is advisable to start with the minimum dose and follow the instructions on the label. This will provide time to assess how you react to the supplement. It will also give your body the chance to adjust, which should help prevent unwanted side effects. Increase the dose gradually if and when you find it necessary to do so. Do not exceed the maximum dose as stated on the label. If you experience any unwanted side effects, stop taking the supplement immediately. Seek medical help if required.

Keep in mind that activated charcoal supplements are not meant to deal with medical emergencies. If you or someone you know has been poisoned or overdosed on drugs, seek medical help immediately. These instances can be life-threatening. While activated charcoal could help in the detox process, it is vital that a doctor takes responsibility for making treatment decisions. Also, activated charcoal is not effective against all types of poisons.

Best Activated Charcoal Supplements

Our top 10 list of activate charcoal supplements is organized to reflect what you most value in your supplements. First and foremost is quality. All of our top ten supplements meet high standards of quality and come from brands with a proven record in excellence and purity. Another important factor in deciding the top ten was cost. You don’t have to pay through the nose to get a high-quality activated charcoal supplement. In addition, all the companies represented on our list have stellar records with customer service and prompt shipping. This ensures that your supplement experience is enjoyable from your first click to your final dose.

#1 - Activated Charcoal

Nutricost Activated Charcoal Capsules feature high-quality, affordable charcoal powder that is derived from coconut shells. This product is ideal for eliminating toxins from the body and for removing impurities from the skin. It is non-GMO and gluten-free. This supplement is made in the USA in an FDA registered facility with third-party testing to ensure quality.

• 100% coconut shell activated charcoal

• 520 mg per serving

• GMO-free

• Gluten free

• Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility with third-party testing

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#2 - Shizandu Organics Activated Charcoal Capsules

Schizandu Organics’ certified, natural, food-grade activated charcoal offers high product quality and an affordable price. Each capsule contains finely-milled activated charcoal powder that is vegan, magnesium stearate free, and gluten-free. It is made exclusively from organic coconut shells. It is ideal for gas, bug bites, itch relief, burns, poisoning, teeth whitening, stain removal, skin rejuvenation, and face masks. The product itself is made in the USA and comes with a 90-day money back guarantee.

• 100% coconut shell food-grade activated charcoal

• Vegan and gluten-free

• 105 servings per container

• 90-day money-back guarantee

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#3 - Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Powder

Majestic Pure Activated Charcoal Powder is made from 100% pure coconut shells with no additives. The supplement is not tested on animals, and it is also vegan. As this product is in powder form, it can be used for both internal detoxification purposes and external uses such as teeth whitening and facial masks and scrubs.

• 100% coconut shell activated charcoal

• Vegan and cruelty-free

• Easy-to-use powder

• Can be used to make natural cosmetics

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#4 - Nature Life Labs Activated Charcoal Capsules

Organic activated charcoal capsules by Nature Life Labs is a high-quality product and a great value. It is derived from coconut shells, is GMO-free, and contains no soy, gluten, wheat, sugar, binders, fillers or additives. All Nature Life Labs products are manufactured in an FDA registered facility that follows strict GMP guidelines.

• 100% coconut shell activated charcoal

• Non-GMO

• 100 capsules per bottle

• Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines

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#5 - Purest Vantage Activated Charcoal Capsules

Purest Vantage organic 600 mg activated charcoal capsules offers a great value. This supplement is vegan and GMO-free. It is also wheat free, gluten free, and sugar free, and contains no fillers or preservatives. Purest Vantage products are made in the USA. They are produced in a facility that is inspected by the FDA and follows Good Manufacturing Practices.

• GMO-free

• Vegan

• 90 capsules per bottle

• Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines

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#6 - Nature's Way Activated Charcoal

Activated charcoal capsules by Nature’s Way have thousands of reviews, and the brand is very reputable in the supplement industry. The capsules contain no lactose, corn, milk, preservatives, soy, sugar, wheat, or yeast. They do contain gelatin, however, so they are not suitable for vegans.

• 560 mg capsules>/p>

• Lactose and wheat free

• Reputable brand

• Science-based formulas adhere to current Good Manufacturing Practices

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#7 - Bulletproof Coconut Charcoal

Activated charcoal capsules by Bulletproof is a high-quality purified dietary supplement. It is made from 100% coconut shells to produce an ultra-fine powder that is non-GMO, soy, and gluten-free, with no artificial colors or added preservatives. Bulletproof products are backed by the most cutting-edge research, technology, and science and undergo strict lab testing to ensure they meet rigorous quality standards.

• 100% coconut shell

• Non-GMO

• Reputable brand

• Strict product testing

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#8 - Fine Vine Activated Hardwood Charcoal Powder

Fine Vine activated charcoal powder is a food grade supplement in the form of an ultra-fine powder for fast absorption. It is vegan and gluten-free and is safe and effective for both topical and internal use. This supplement is perfect for teeth whitening, DIY face masks, and detoxification. The product itself is made in the USA and comes with a 90-day money-back guarantee.

• Gluten free

• Vegan

• Easy to use powder

• 90-day money-back guarantee

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#9 - Divine Bounty Organic Activated Charcoal

Divine Bounty offers an effective food grade activated charcoal supplement with 600 mg of edible coconut charcoal powder in each capsule. Their formula is organic, steam-activated and made from fine coconut shell charcoal with no additives. This product is vegan, GMO-free, soy free, and gluten free with absolutely no preservatives, silicone dioxide, stearates, or artificial ingredients.

• No preservatives or additives

• GMO-free

• Vegan high-potency capsules

• 90 capsules per bottle

• Coconut charcoal powder

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#10 - Nutracraft Activated Charcoal Capsules

Nutracraft activated charcoal has been scientifically developed using the best ingredients and is manufactured in the USA in an FDA-registered facility under strict GMP standards. It is a pure product and contains no fillers, artificial flavorings, or colorings. It is free from soy, yeast, wheat, lactose, sodium, sugar, milk or milk derivatives.

• 100 capsules per bottle

• 900 mg per serving

• 100% Money-back Guarantee

• Manufactured in the USA in an FDA registered facility that follows GMP guidelines

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