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    A Fat Burner You Can Trust

    How many times have tried to use a fat burner but it just didn’t work for you? Why go around and spend all that money trying to find one product that is right for you and that you can trust. Gaspari Nutrition’s Detonate is the product you can trust. This product is SAFE and EFFECTIVE, rarely do you find that in fat burners. This isn’t just another pill jam packed with caffeine. This stuff actually works. Get the energy you need to hit the gym, go for a walk, or play the sport you love.

    Unlike other products in its category Detonate is clinically studied and PROVEN effective. Its not your general caffeine packed pill that drives its effectiveness, Nor is it a concentrated formulation. This is just pure raw energy that only needs to be taken in the morning but leaves you with the feeling of “WOW” all day. Just try Detonate and you will immediately know the difference in effectiveness and quality than all those other products you have tried. The sensory experience is truly amazing and you’ll feel it right away. This innovative product is just more proof that Gaspari Nutrition makes some of the best products around.

      A Fat Burner To Beat Out The Competition
    • Tested and proven to provide the results you love
    • Powerful Ingredients for the ultimate results so you get the best for a quality price
    • Formulated to be friendly for both genders, male and female alike

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    Detonate is a powerful fat burner meant to give you explosive results in weight loss.


    Take 1-2 capsules before breakfast on an empty stomach. As this product is very powerful it is recommended to start with 1 capsule for the first 3 days then increase your serving to 2 after this.


    DO NOT exceed more than 2 capsules in any 24 hours period. Use only as directed on bottle. DO NOT use this product for more than a 4 week period, after this period take a 4 week break. DO NOT take when pregnant or nursing.

    Featured Ingredients

    Dendrobium Extract - This added extract helps you to get a start on your day and keep you up and going throughout it.

    B-Phenylethylamine HCL - This ingredient helps you to feel better throughout the program as well as keep you focused.

    Green Coffee Bean Extract - is added to enhance your weight loss so yo uget the bost most efficient results of any weight loss supplement.

    Other Ingredients Tangerine Extract (Fruit), Caffeine Anhydrous, Green Tea Extract (Leaf),Asian Ginseng (Root), Black Pepper Extract (As BioPerine®) (Fruit).

    Q. How will the results be better with Detonate than other products?

    A. From the first dose, you’ll notice a strong stimulant and sensory effect. Our clinical studies have demonstrated support for weight loss and lean body mass recomposition over a four week period.

    Q. How do i know i can put my trust in Detonate?

    A. Because its not just claimed to be effective. Its PROVEN. Detonate has two clinical trials to support its formulation and safety.

    Q. Can I use Detonate with other products?

    A. Yes. But Detonate should not be taken with other products that stimulants such as caffeine. Consult with your doctor before proceding.

    Q. Why do i take the pill in the morning?

    A. Detonate is formulated to give you energy throughout the whole day. Not just a half day. Thats why we have you take it in the morning.


    Buy Detonate - 60 Capsules

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    Retail: $66.99

    Our Price: $29.95

    Out of Stock

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