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2014's 10 Best
Sleeping Pills

Which Sleeping Pills Work?

With 100’s of sleeping pills on the market, finding one that’s effective, safe and affordable is difficult. While most products work to a certain degree, some definitely work better than others. These top 10 sleep aids use proven ingredients in their proven dosages.

Our editors researched the top selling sleeping pills and found the ones that help you fall asleep – and stay asleep – so you can wake up feeling refreshed. We’re so confident in our findings, we be back each sleeping pill with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Whether you have a hard time falling asleep or staying asleep, Ambitropin can help. This pharmaceutical-grade sleeping pill is not only powerful, but also safe and affordable. Ambitropin's 3 primary ingredients are melatonin, valerian root and lavender -- all clinically studied and proven to promote sleep. They could have stopped with these ingredients and had a great product, but they added 8 others that make Ambitropin even more powerful.

Starting at just $27.99, Ambitropin costs less than $1 a serving. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $79.99

Our Price: $24.32 - $24.95


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Somabien is undoubtedly the most powerful sleeping pill on the market. It contains first-class ingredients that work together to help you quickly and safely fall asleep. Each serving contains a whopping 600mg of valerian root, 400mg of phenibut, 50mg of 5-HTP and a safe dose of melatonin. And these are just several of the 15 ingredients.

Even though Somabien is great, there are two downsides. One is the price. Each serving costs about two dollars. The other is the amount of capsules you have to take a night: 4. This won't be a problem for most people. All-in-all, we think Somabien is worth the price and minor inconvenience because it works so well. Each bottle is backed by a 90 day money back guarantee. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $149.99

Our Price: $41.65 - $49.95


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Having a hard time choosing which sleeping pill is best for you? Try this money-saving top-sellers kit and find out. For a limited time, you can try Ambitropin, Somabien, and Ambesleep for the low price of $99.99! If you buy them separately - at our already low price - you'd pay $114.97. To sweeten the deal, we'll also throw in free shipping. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $289.97

Our Price: $94.99 - $99.99


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Ambesleep comes in highly ranked this year. It's similar to Ambitropin, which is great. The main difference is it's slightly less potent. You'll still get similar benefits: you'll fall asleep quicker, stay asleep longer and feel refreshed, but it just doesn't have the same oomph.

One of our favorite things about AmbeSleep is there's no sleeping pill "hangover" or grogginess. Instead, you'll wake up feeling refreshed, ready to make the most of your day. At just $24.95, AmbeSleep is affordable and worth every dollar. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $59.95

Our Price: $19.32 - $24.95


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Animal PM is targeted towards extremely active adults who need help recovering from intense exercise. It contains sleep-promoting valerian root, chamomile and l-theanine. What makes it stand out is are essential amino acids that quicken muscle recovery. All-in-all, Animal PM is a great choice if you're an athlete or bodybuilder. If not, we recommend one of the aforementioned sleeping pills. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $48.50

Our Price: $26.95


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Sick of staring at the ceiling wishing you could fall asleep? Top Secret Nutrition's "Sleep" might be the solution to your problems. Top Secret boasts about their Sleep product's recent popularity for how quickly it works to help you fall asleep. Quit wasting valuable moments that could be spent in deep slumber now! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $27.99

Our Price: $15.99


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Somnavox is an all-natural sleep aid aimed at making you fall asleep faster and sleep better. With its 7 clinically proven ingredients Somnavox was made to give you the best sleep EVERY night. Stop your tossing and turning at night and see why Somnavox is the perfect sleeping aid for you! Somnavox consists of a high quality formula that will ensure the results that you want- a restful night, deep sleep, refreshed awakening! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $129.95

Our Price: $26.32 - $34.95


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Somatomax offers three incredible benefits. It releases HGH to help increase muscle mass, it contains specific ingredients to help you go to sleep and STAY asleep, and last but not least: gives you energy throughout the following day. If you're wanting the complete package, look no further than this gem from Hi-tech Pharmaceuticals! Somatomax is the ultimate supplement giving you everything you need! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $79.95

Our Price: $34.95


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SomaRest is made of great components all combined to perfection resulting in a fantastic sleep aid from High Energy Labs. Made with natural ingredients, SomaRest is easy on your body and will leave you feeling well-rested every single morning. Protect your physical and mental health while getting your sleep back with SomaRest. Stop those falling asleep rituals such as counting sheep and get actual sleep with SomaRest. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $49.99

Our Price: $15.95


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Brain Pharma's Happy Dreams is the ultimate sleeping pill - it will help you relax and unwind , achieve a deep restful sleep which results in you feeling refreshed and full of energy. Happy Dreams is an all natural supplement that is gentle on the body. There are no synthetic chemicals that might have an adverse affect on the body. To start waking up refreshed and HAPPY, try Happy Dreams! Sleep Happy, Dream Happy, Live Happy! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $39.95

Our Price: $21.95


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