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2016's 10 Best
HGH Supplements

Looking For The Top HGH Releasers?

While artificial HGH injections may be harmful or illegal, your best bet maybe with natural HGH releasers. HGH is linked with your ability to burn fat, build muscle, or just look and feel younger. Natural HGH releasers naturally stimulate the body to produce and possibly increase HGH production. They are definitely safer than artificial HGH injections and they are 100% legal.

Below, you’ll find the top 10 HGH supplements of 2016. Our editors have carefully studied and reviewed each product. We’re so confident in our choices, we offer a 60 day money back guarantee on each product below.

For the second year in a row, XPI HGF-1 is the #1 HGH supplement. It combines a precise blend of patented ingredients to create a powerful, yet safe HGH supplement. Whether you're a bodybuilder looking to add lean muscle, trying to get rid of that "spare tire" around your waist, HGF-1 is a great choice.HGF-1 comes with a 60 day money back guarantee, so don't let the price tag intimidate you. HGF-1 is backed by a 100% Money Back Guarantee. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $139.95

Our Price: $89.32 - $84.95


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HGHpro was designed by AI Sports Nutrition with YOU in mind. Sometimes HGH boosters can cause some types of lows. However, HGHPro was designed for the opposite. It can give you that lasting human growth hormone effect without experiencing the lows thanks to its powerful formula! Boost your HGH to a healthy level with safe and natural ingredients for the results that you need now! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $64.99

Our Price: $32.95


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In order to give your HGH levels the boost you need, all you need to do is to turn to Novex Biotech's Growth Factor-9. If is designed with human growth hormone formula for maximum strength that includes Secretagogue that can enhance your overall health and mood as well as speed up the recovery process after intense exercise. Don't let your age slow down your growth! You'll never go wrong with the right HGH booster if you choose to use Growth Factor-9! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $119.98

Our Price: $88.99


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Designed to provide you with a HGH releaser formula, High Energy Labs' HGH Complete is a great tasting powder that contains potent growth aminos, enhancers, releasers, and antioxidants for optimal HGH release. Formulated for maximum increase in energy, increased body mass, and improve recovery as well as performance, HGH Complete is everything that you could ever dream to have for a human growth hormone supporter. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $65.95

Our Price: $31.99


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Cellusyn Labs Avatropin is a high-powered formula that won't break the bank. It was formulated with aging men and women in mind, although anyone can benefit from it. What we really like about Avatropin (besides its obvious HGH stimulating abilities) is its weight loss ingredients. Tonalin CLA, Forskolin and Alpha Lipoic Acid are powerful fat fighters. Starting at just $49.95, Avatropin is a steal. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $124.99

Our Price: $38.98 - $49.95


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Invigorate HGH was developed for aging males. It contains a potent blend of HGH stimulating and testosterone increasing ingredients. It not only helps with muscle gain, weight loss and energy, but it also includes a "sexual vitality complex" that can increase libido, and help you get -- and maintain -- erections. Starting at just $24.95 for a one month supply, Invigorate HGH is an incredible value. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $69.95

Our Price: $22.32 - $24.95


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Applied Nutrition & Science's DVS Raw is formulated with 100% natural and concentrated deer antler velvet to aid in the natural increase to GH levels. Providing natural HGH support with the highest-grade ingredient, can help to dramatically increase muscle growth as well as enhance strength, endurance, and power. All you need for the boost in growth hormone for the results you need is the highly concentrated, muscle-enhancing formula that DVS Raw can provide! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $34.95

Our Price: $22.95


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Symbiotropin was created and engineered to help promote the body's hormone system. Designed by physicians at Nutraceutics, Symbiotropin is a must when it comes to helping you to be able to move as young as you feel! It can also help you take your body to the next level when it comes to exercising and results! You'll finally be able to improve your recovery time and produce more energy while regulating the metabolism of fat and muscle with Symbiotropin! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $89.99

Our Price: $62.95


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Universal Nutrition's GH Stack is not your ordinary HGH supplement. GH Stack is a potent supplement from Universal Nutrition that works hand in hand with your body to produce natural HGH, not like those other products that just sustain it. You'll may be able to enhance the synthesizing of protein, reduce catabolism, promote lean mass gains, and shred excess fat thanks to a boost in growth hormone production. Experience results today with the optimum levels of GH that GH Stack provides! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $29.99

Our Price: $23.99 - $23.99


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Secratagogue One is made up of amino acids and nutrients designed to boost the production of the body's natural growth hormones. With an increase in HGH levels, the body can improve performance, shorten recovery times, and provide support for a healthy immune system. Secratagogue One is the choice supplement for promoting the building of lean muscle mass while reducing fat and slowing the visible signs of aging. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $74.99

Our Price: $37.95


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