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2014‘s 10 Best
Diet Pills For Women

Lose Weight Faster with the Best Diet Pills for Women

Unfortunately, there’s no “magic pill” that will help you lose 30 pounds in a month. The good news is there are great diet pills for women that can help you lose a significant amount of weight. The best diet pills can help increase your metabolism, reduce your hunger and boost your energy.

So what are the 10 best diet pills for women? Our editors analyzed and rated the 100+ products we sell. Below you’ll find the best weight loss pills for women. We’re so confident you’ll get results with any of them, we back each one with a 90 day money back guarantee.

Abidexin is hands down the best diet pill for women. It contains numerous fat-fighting ingredients. In one study, the key ingredient, Irvingia Gabonensis, helped the average person lose 28.1 pounds in just 12 weeks. It works by stimulating fat burning hormones and decreasing appetite hormones. Another ingredient, Green Select Phytosome helped the average person lose 30 pounds in just 90 days. We could go on about its high-profile ingredients, but you can read more about them on the next page.

The best part is Abidexin's 90 day money back guarantee. If you're not satisfied with it, return it to us for a full refund. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $99.95

Our Price: $32.98 - $44.95


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OxySelect PINK is an intense fat burner designed for women. Its formula is composed of proven, highly effective ingredients. Green Coffee Bean Extract, Raspberry Ketones, and Irvingia gabonensis all stimulate your metabolism. Both Chromax and Irvingia Gabonensis suppress appetite, helping you eat less food.

To top it off, it's backed by a "results or your money back" guarantee. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $99.95

Our Price: $35.98 - $44.95


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Trying to lose a few pounds but don't know which diet pill is best for you? With the top sellers kit for women, you don't have make that tough decision. When you buy the Top Sellers Kit, you get Abidexin, Oxyselect Pink, and 7-DFBX all in one bundle! It's the perfect choice for anyone trying to lose a few pounds and get the body they have always wanted! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $242.85

Our Price: $89.99 - $174.99


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7-DFBX can help you lose weight fast. Each bottle contains a 7 day supply of 35 supplements that help detoxify your body, stimulate your metabolism and reduce your appetite. It's perfect if you need to lose 5-10 pounds in a short period of time. Many customers cycle it with either Abidexin or OxySelect Pink. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $29.99

Our Price: $13.98 - $14.95


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SlimVox is one of the best weight loss pills for women. It contains a blend of gentle, yet effective, weight loss ingredients that work together to help you fight fat. From Green Tea to Raspberry ketones, SlimVox has the hottest ingredients that can help you reach any weight loss goal. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $79.99

Our Price: $34.32 - $34.95


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Abidexin PM is one of the Most Popular Diet Pills known to help you lose weight by boosting thermogenic ability! Unlike other diet pills, this product is all natural and will help you to quickly and effectively eliminate excess fat while you sleep! Losing weight has never been so easy! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $49.95

Our Price: $16.65 - $24.95


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Hydroxycut Max is here! Designed for women, this product will help you lose weight and have more energy than ever before! Get Hydroxycut Max today and get the sexy body you've always dreamed of! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $59.99

Our Price: $29.95


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Trimming your body with a supplement that is specially designed for women is now available for you with Hemodrene For Her! Now you can drop those unnecessary pounds, gain the focus you need to push through those power-packed workouts, raise your metabolism to keep that fat off, and boost your energy in order to slim down and get that beautiful body! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $47.95

Our Price: $21.81


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Tired of trying to lose weight and doesn’t seem to go fast enough? Are you just not energized enough while on your diet? What if there was a product that enabled you to have all of these? What if it only required taking a minimum 3 pills a day? Would it be too good to be true? Well, it’s true with Hydroxycut Pro Clinical. Hydroxycut is one of the most well-known and trusted weight loss supplement companies on the market. You can depend on Hydroxycut Pro Clinical to get the results that you want. Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $39.99

Our Price: $29.95


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Yes, it's just for women, especially women who are looking to get skinny and look great. Don't wait around wishing and hoping for a better looking body. Its easy to have a hard time losing weight, but with SlimQuick Fat Burner losing weight and getting the body you have been dreaming of won't be so hard now! Keep Reading »

User Rating:


Retail: $49.99

Our Price: $44.50 - $45.99


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