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Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

Should You Be Worried?

Whether you’re a big-time fitness guru or you struggle to work out regularly, pre-workout supplements offer many advantages to enhance exercise. From muscle building to energy boosting - no matter your fitness goal, there’s a pre-workout supplement for that.

Unfortunately, pre-workout supplement advertising is usually much less upfront about a product’s side effects. In fact, some supplements cause just as many negative effects as positive ones.

Selecting the appropriate pre-workout supplement requires a balanced perspective of both positive and negative effects. This article outlines the major side effects of pre-workout supplements, from the annoying to the dangerous, as well as typical ingredients that cause them.

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    Comments (8)


    January 14, 2014

    Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

    I recently started taking Neurocore Pre-Workout and the first time i took it i started getting itchy and my heart started to race a little, What are some things i should look for to know i should stop taking a product and what are normal reactions to all pre workouts?

      Mike Jackson

      Mike Jackson

      January 23, 2014

      Side Effects of Pre-Workout Supplements

      Hey Moses, that’s a great question and probably the one I get asked more than any other as it relates to pre-workouts supplements. The sensation that you’re feeling is called paresthesia and it’s triggered by the amino acid beta-alanine, one of the principle ingredients in your product. About 10 years ago beta-alanine broke through as one of the most promising pre-workout ingredients and since has become something of a staple in most pre-workout supplements because of how well it works. Unfortunately, it does cause that itchy feeling you’re noticing and sometimes can cause visible redness similar to a “niacin-rush.” There are no studies to suggest it’s in anyway harmful. If it’s something you’d rather avoid then look for pre-workout products that don’t contain either beta-alanine or niacin.

    nick rossodivito

    January 23, 2014

    neon volt

    i have only one kidney is taking neon volt a bad idea. i work out 5 times a week,each time taking a scoop and a half of this product, i was just wondering if this can cause any adverse effect on my remaining kidney

      Mike Jackson

      Mike Jackson

      January 23, 2014

      Re: neon volt

      Hey Nick good question. One thing we know about caffeine is that caffeine has the potential to damage kidneys and has been linked to a specific type of kidney stone, but the caveat in most studies is that this link is usually found in those that don’t drink enough water. Depending on how long you’ve had only one kidney, I’m sure you’ve become accustomed to high water intake. It’s impossible to know how much caffeine is in Volt since it’s part of a proprietary blend, even at half a scoop. I would guess that it’s in the 100-150mg range per scoop, but again, impossible to know. It’s certainly poses some risks, so I’d just caution you to drink lots of water, aim for a gallon a day.


    May 24, 2014

    Any ingredients I should avoid

    Hey, I’m looking to try either No Explode or C4. Would you say these would be bad for my health. I read somewhere that No Explode contains ingredients that would link to causing dementia and cardio vascular disease and also contains aspartame which people say to avoid. I want to take pre workout but I am a bit worried!!


      August 30, 2014

      eye twitching

      I’ve been using neon sport volt Pre workout for a week now.. is it normal for my eye to feel as its twitching?


    January 16, 2015

    Sweating at random moments.

    I find myself sweating at random times, like in my bosses office or when somebody calls my name. Whenever I get nervous. I am not a nervous sweater. But ever since taking pre-workout I sometimes feel like my sweat glands just pour out sweat all the time. Is this a side effect from the pre-workout?



    March 21, 2015

    Excellent link to pre-workout side effects

    This is really good stuff, but I dint see the reply to Hellen’s qustion on NO Explode and C4 and what to take instead for energy?


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